We are located at 48 Broadway in a village called Tivoli, which is on Munsee-Lenape land.
Sunday 11 AM - 7 PM Monday 12 PM - 6 PM Tuesday CLOSED Wednesday 12 PM - 6 PM Thursday 12 PM - 6 PM Friday 12 PM - 7 PM Saturday 11 AM - 7 PM

Thrift 2 Fight is not just a shop: it's a community space. On the first floor of this historic building you'll find a large showroom, two big brilliantly lit dressing rooms, a lending library shelf, and an additional room with a bar where we gather for events with our guests & friends.

In their TEDx talk, Thrift 2 Fight co-founders Masha Zabara and Jillian Reed discuss the ways one can get stuck in “all-or-nothing” thinking in activism, and how they got unstuck and started Thrift 2 Fight.

Jillian and Masha posing with TEDx letters
Thrift 2 Fight mobilizes secondhand fashion to fund and amplify the work of grassroots social justice initiatives working at the intersections of racial and disability justice and queer liberation.

redistributed through sale of secondhand clothing


clothing items diverted from the landfill and rehomed by over 7,500 people


thrift store owned and operated since January 13, 2022

Since our founding in 2020, we have raised and donated over $80k to social justice organizing. These are funds that organizations and initiatives have been able to use for whatever is most necessary to move their mission forward.

Art Is How I Fight shows featuring incarcerated artists


Thrift 2 Fight pop-up sales across several states, including T2F Chapter sales


organizations supported with funding, amplification, and volunteer connections

Do you have clothes that are no longer serving your needs?

Bring them to Thrift 2 Fight so they can be re-homed to meet someone else's! Just come by when we're open, no appointment or waiting while we sort needed. You can feel great knowing that you've successfully kept your clothes out of the landfill, and the next step — re-homing them while raising funds — is in our hands.

How To Donate

  1. Select items in good condition that you'd like to have a new life.
  2. Wash (if necessary), sort and fold your donations.
  3. Put them in paper bags or reusable containers (bins, totes) that you don't mind leaving behind.
  4. Bring to Thrift 2 Fight at 48 Broadway, Tivoli NY, whenever we're open.
Green checkbox

Yes please!

  • Adult clothing in good condition
  • Adult shoes in new or like-new condition
  • Accessories, bags, hats in good condition
Red X

No thanks!

  • Clothing or accessories with rips or stains
  • Items with pet hairs stuck on them
  • Items that have a strong scent or an unpleasant smell (i.e., mothballs, cigarettes, sweat, storage)
  • Linens, towels, socks, underwear
  • Children's items
  • Furniture or home goods

T2F Team

Jillian Reed Before co-founding Thrift 2 Fight, Jillian Reed was always interested in exploring places where activism and creative expression intersect. Now, working daily with local activists and organizers she admires, and cultivating a welcoming thrift store complete with an abolitionist lending library, she is excited to be co-creating one of those places.
Read More Jillian completed her degrees in Flute Performance and Human Rights at the Bard College & Conservatory. Her studies culminated in research about health and institutional ableism in the music world, which was published in Flutist Quarterly. Jillian performs flute and piccolo regularly with The Orchestra Now, and maintains a vibrant studio of flute students.


Masha Zabara Masha Zabara grew up in Minsk, Belarus, playing cello, acting, writing, and occasionally skipping classes to attend protests against dictatorial oppression (where they would be caught repeatedly by their own father). After moving to the United States, they studied & worked at Bard College before co-founding Thrift 2 Fight.
Read More Masha is passionate about finding ways to challenge oppressive systems through innovation & sustainable action. With Thrift 2 Fight, they aim to support the global movement for mutual aid, community resilience, and abolition of police & prisons. Ideally, Masha would also like to contribute to toppling any and all dictatorships in (and around) their home country.


For the past three years, schools, colleges, and organizations have been partnering with Thrift 2 Fight to organize workshops on community organizing, fundraising, and sustainable fashion. We can lead an assembly, create a thrift sale demo, and share our grassroots organizing experience with groups of any size.

Invite Us To Speak
Masha and Friend's Seminary students
Thrift 2 Fight at Friends Seminary
Thrift 2 Fight chapter sale at Buffalo State University
Thrift 2 Fight at Buffalo State University


How can I get involved? View answer

There are a number of ways you can get involved with Thrift 2 Fight — and we love that you asked! Starting with the simplest: you can donate clothing you no longer need, and shop at Thrift 2 Fight when you’re due for a closet refresh.

If you have monetary abundance and are looking to support our work, consider contributing directly at this link. Your donation - no matter how small - will help us recycle more clothing, organize more free events, and redistribute more resources to those who need them.

Can I donate clothes? View answer

Yes! Thrift 2 Fight accepts donations of adult clothing in good condition that is clean and undamaged. Please note that we can only take items that are free of odors, pet hair, cigarette smell, and external residue. We also accept adult shoes in new or like-new condition, accessories, jewelry, bags, and hats.

We will not accept linens, towels, bathrobes, socks, underwear, books*, stationery, children’s items, electronics, furniture, or home goods. Please do not drop off anything at the front door while the store is closed.

*You may have noticed that we have a Lending Library at Thrift 2 Fight! It hosts works by marginalized authors and literature about racial, disability, queer, and climate justice & history. If you have a good book that fits that description, you’re welcome to bring it by! We are always excited to offer new titles for our community free of charge.

Please note that donations to Thrift 2 Fight are not tax deductible.

What is your business model? View answer

We donate 10% of every purchase to local grassroots organizations working at the intersections of racial and disability justice and queer liberation. This redistribution of the 10% of our revenue is built into our business structure as a non-negotiable expense. We’re sure you’ve seen corporations boasting about donating a vague percentage of an unknown profit, or worse, glossing over any chance at transparency by just saying “we support charities”. The lack of clarity in the donation models of many “charity shops” can make it difficult to earn the trust of customers/supporters/community members.

We don’t trust murky mission statements and charity-washing, and neither should you!

Are you a 501c3 non-profit organization? View answer

No. Why? Thrift 2 Fight is a Public Benefit Corporation, meaning that we are a business with a commitment and obligation to prioritize and provide a social good before profit. We chose this model so that we could be self-sustaining as a business without relying on grants, while also redistributing funds to local activist initiatives.

Thrift 2 Fight is intentionally set up outside of the non-profit industrial complex, which was a strong suggestion of our mentors and local long-time activist organizers who have been working in nonprofits their entire lives. Thanks to their insight, we learned that not only does a 501(c)3 designation not guarantee the good will (pun intended) of an organization, but its bureaucratic structure can also limit the amount of mission-aligned work that gets done.

We incorporated as a Public Benefit Corporation — a for-profit with caveats, — while committing to our primary goal: raising funds for local activist efforts. We accomplish that by donating ten percent of every purchase made at Thrift 2 Fight **before any money goes towards paying rent, utilities, wages, and the like. Our shop runs 100% on clothing sales.

Important fact: being a Public Benefit Corporation means that we cannot provide tax deductions for clothing or monetary donations.

Accessibility View answer

Things to know when you plan your next thrifting spree:

  • There are four steps leading up to Thrift 2 Fight’s front door. * There is an ADA-accessible gravel ramp leading down to Thrift 2 Fight’s back door. * There is one Accessible Parking spot with a loading area which leads directly to the ramp. * Thrift 2 Fight has a restroom that is available for customers. The restroom is not wheelchair accessible. * We have two (2) dressing rooms with bright lights, full-size mirrors, and bright-pink curtains. One of the dressing rooms is larger, and was built according to ADA dimensions; currently it does not have a fully accessible bench. Both dressing rooms have chairs. * There are several chairs around the store, in the dressing room and out, in case you need a place to sit while you’re in our shop. * Service animals are always welcome. Leashed pets are also welcome as long as they don’t disturb other customers and behave nicely. * Our $8 room (also known as the Bar Room) may not be easily accessible on a wheelchair depending on the wheelchair’s dimensions. The building we are renting is a historic property, and we are not able to change that doorway’s width.

COVID safety policy in the store: Currently, all our staff are required to put on a mask if interacting with a masked customer. This policy is based on current local hospital protocols, and is subject to change. We have free extra masks available for customers - just ask! We have a HEPA filter running in the store during open hours.

What is your price range? View answer

The majority of items at our Thrift 2 Fight Tivoli storefront are under twenty dollars ($20). But we like to have range! So you will also find two Designer Racks with higher price tags and rare items - Christian Dior nightgowns, Burberry trench coats, wild one-of-a-kind beaded vintage gowns, a leather motorcycle jacket to make you weep.

One of the other popular spaces at our store is the $8 Room. Yes, you heard that right! We have a full room of clothing, shoes, and accessories priced at eight bucks and under.

Sometimes we have free clothes, sometimes we have $2 sales, sometimes the entire store is 50% off for the weekend. Come see for yourself.

Size inclusivity View answer

At Thrift 2 Fight, we have a wide variety of clothing sizes and styles for people of all genders. Our clothing is organized by type – jeans, button downs, dresses – rather than by the gender the clothing was originally marketed to.

We do not organize the majority of clothing by the size written on the tag, with the exception of our two XL+ racks, and one Petite rack. Sizing isn’t standardized globally or across the decades, and can lead people to miss out on clothes that would be amazing on them. Differences between brands and eras can be comically unpredictable, so sometimes taking the extra time to go through each rack can lead to the very best finds!

If you want to read a fun article about the history of clothing sizes, click here!

Do you have Men's Clothing? View answer

Sure do! We like to put it this way: if you’re a man, and this shirt fits you - that’s a Men’s Shirt. At Thrift 2 Fight, we have a wide variety of clothing sizes and styles for people of all genders. Our clothing is organized by type - jeans, button downs, dresses - rather than by the gender to which the clothing was originally marketed.

In 2022, Thrift 2 Fight was named Best Men’s Shop in the Rural Intelligence Reader’s Choice Awards. In 2023, Thrift 2 Fight was named the Best Men’s Shop by the Chronogram after tallying up nearly 25,000 local votes! So if you’re a guy - don’t hesitate, stop by.

Let's talk pronouns for a minute View answer

Did you come to a thrift shop’s FAQ to learn more about pronouns? Probably not. Are we thrilled you clicked the drop-down arrow anyway? Yes, yes we are.

You see, Thrift 2 Fight is a place where everyone is welcomed & accepted. And we expect that people in our shop (and truly hope people outside it too) will be respectful of each other’s core identities. Basic respect includes using the correct pronouns for everyone! Meeting someone for the first time? Introduce yourself with your name and pronouns. When someone shares their pronouns with you, try your very best to remember and use those.

If you’re not used to using they/them pronouns, practice! It is not the responsibility of the person existing in a marginalized identity who just met you to brush up your language skills. Mistakes are okay, but please, take responsibility for your own learning. Here’s a handy video about They/Them pronouns, as well as another one that will help you practice..

Also if you’re a queer/trans/nonbinary person who clicked this tab for giggles, HI, we love you.

How do you select organizations to receive funding? View answer

We redistribute funds to the organizations that are…

  • Local to our region/state. * Working at the intersections of racial, disability, and queer justice. * Grassroots & not funded by large foundations or banks. * Doing active work as of the time of funding.
Can my social justice initiative receive funding from y'all? View answer

Doing important social justice organizing in the Hudson Valley? If you are doing work at the intersections of racial and disability justice and queer liberation, we want to know you! There are all kinds of ways we as community members can support and amplify important initiatives. You can reach out to introduce yourself here!

Affiliations View answer

Thrift 2 Fight is not affiliated with or beholden to any large foundations or corporations. We frequently partner with small local organizations to exchange knowledge, invite or provide volunteer help, and spread the word about their work.

Accountability View answer

Where there is learning, there are mistakes. Everyone involved with Thrift 2 Fight is expected to practice radical accountability, both between each other and with our community. Moving beyond jargon, we feel that this article by Mojdeh Cox best represents what we mean when we say “radical accountability.” We accept and welcome feedback, criticism, and ideas for how we can hone our work to best serve our community.

You can always reach us at [email protected] <3