We are located at 48 Broadway in a village called Tivoli, which is on Munsee-Lenape land.
Sunday 11 AM - 7 PM Monday 12 PM - 6 PM Tuesday CLOSED Wednesday CLOSED Thursday 12 PM - 6 PM Friday 12 PM - 7 PM Saturday 11 AM - 7 PM

Thrift 2 Fight is not just a shop: it's a community space. On the first floor of this historic building you'll find a large showroom, two big brilliantly lit dressing rooms, a lending library shelf, and an additional room with a bar where we gather for events with our guests & friends.

Thrift 2 Fight mobilizes secondhand fashion to fund and amplify the work of grassroots social justice initiatives working at the intersections of racial and disability justice and queer liberation.

redistributed through sale of secondhand clothing


clothing items diverted from the landfill and rehomed by over 4,350 people


thrift store owned and operated since January 13, 2022

Since our founding in 2020, we have raised and donated over $60k to social justice organizing. These are funds that organizations and initiatives have been able to use for whatever is most necessary to move their mission forward.

Art Is How I Fight shows featuring incarcerated artists


Thrift 2 Fight pop-up sales across several states, including T2F Chapter sales


organizations supported with funding, amplification, and volunteer connections

T2F Team

Before co-founding Thrift 2 Fight, Jillian Reed was always interested in exploring places where activism and creative expression intersect. Now, working daily with local activists and organizers she admires, and cultivating a welcoming thrift store complete with an abolitionist lending library, she is excited to be co-creating one of those places.
Read More Jillian completed her degrees in Flute Performance and Human Rights at the Bard College & Conservatory. Her studies culminated in research about health and institutional ableism in the music world, which was published in Flutist Quarterly. Jillian performs flute and piccolo regularly with The Orchestra Now, and maintains a vibrant studio of flute students.


Masha Zabara grew up in Minsk, Belarus, playing cello, acting, writing, and occasionally skipping classes to attend protests against dictatorial oppression (where they would be caught repeatedly by their own father). After moving to the United States, they studied & worked at Bard College before co-founding Thrift 2 Fight.
Read More Masha is passionate about finding ways to challenge oppressive systems through innovation & sustainable action. With Thrift 2 Fight, they aim to support the global movement for mutual aid, community resilience, and abolition of police & prisons. Ideally, Masha would also like to contribute to toppling any and all dictatorships in (and around) their home country.

Be real:

Do you have clothes that are no longer serving your needs?

Bring them to Thrift 2 Fight so they can be re-homed to meet someone else's! Just come by when we're open, no appointment or waiting while we sort needed. You can feel great knowing that you've successfully kept your clothes out of the landfill, and the next step — re-homing them while raising funds — is in our hands.

How To Donate

  1. Select items in good condition that you'd like to have a new life.
  2. Wash (if necessary), sort and fold your donations.
  3. Put them in paper bags or reusable containers (bins, totes) that you don't mind leaving behind.
  4. Bring to Thrift 2 Fight at 48 Broadway, Tivoli NY, whenever we're open.